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What a week it was!

This year, we were delighted to present the Allan Slaight Awards to an international audience by producing the event online. The format of releasing one name a day allowed for interactive social media commentary and we were thrilled to see recipients embraced and celebrated around the globe.

This year’s recipients:

Lifetime Achievement // DR. EDWIN DAWES // $15,000

Sharing Wonder // MICHAEL CARBONARO // $15,000

Sharing Secrets // COLLEGE OF MAGIC // $10,000

International Rising Star // NOAH LEVINE // $5,000

Canadian Rising Star // NICHOLAS WALLACE //  $5,000

“I want to extend my gratitude to the Slaight amily … not for just giving me this award, but for establishing it in general. It’s the most amazing gift to the magic community, to give encouragement like this to people like me.”

—Noah Levine, 2018 International Rising Star

The Allan Slaight Awards recognize outstanding contributions to the art of magic. The Slaight Family Foundation established the awards in 2015 and has pledged to give $50,000 a year, over five years, to celebrate exceptional work in five distinct categories. Each recipient receives not only a cash prize, but also a specially engraved iPad to commemorate the award.

To this year’s honourees: we congratulate you for your outstanding achievements. It was, indeed, our privilege to acknowledge and share with the world your considerable accomplishments. 

These awards only exist because of the unwavering generosity of the Slaight Family Foundation and once again we express our deepest gratitude. The recognition and support that the Foundation fosters inspire us all to elevate our art and to truly share wonder.

Have you spotted exceptional work by an individual or organization in the pursuit of the impossible? Keep your eyes open and let us know when nominations commence in January for next year’s awards!


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