September 1, 2015



Shamans, ravens, jesters, jugglers, conjurors, and magicians come in all shapes and sizes. In Tricks, David Ben—Soulpepper's resident trickster—presents a concert of magic inspired by an eclectic range of people and events: Frank Sinatra and Telford Fenton; Glenn Gould and Charles Bertram; Harold Lloyd and Harry Houdini; Tom Waits and Erik Satie; Hammer Studio Films and Southern Baptist preachers; and Dai Vernon and the cherry blossoms in Japan.

Ben, recognized as one of the top sleight-of-hand artists in the world, will showcase some of the most challenging and seldom-seen pieces of magic, all completely different than last year’s The Conjuror.

There is no timeline or plot—just great tricks, comical and mysterious, beautiful and visceral—performed with twists and turns.

Recommended for ages 8+


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Young Centre for the Performing Arts
Michael Young Theatre
55 Mill Street, Toronto (The Distillery)

Written by David Ben & Patrick Watson

Directed by David Ben