Bob Sneider opens his appearance on The Magic Palace with a simplified handling of "The Coin Assembly" (Ross Bertram, Stars of Magic). The coins are introduced using a purse frame. 

He presents a four card routine based on "The Four Aces on Handkerchief" which was an adaptation of Yank Hoe's "Sympathetic Coins" (T. Nelson Downs' The Art of Magic) using playing cards. The effect is similar in concept to the more modern and familiar "Open Travellers" where four aces gather in a single pile without the introduction of additional cover cards. Instead it makes use of a sheet of newspaper (originally a handkerchief) and an opaque cover. Variations have been developped by performers including Dai Vernon, Dr. Daley, Albert Goshman, Michael Skinner and Derek Dingle. This routine was performed to the theme from Jaws

He concludes with a discovery of a signed selection using a windup toy robot, a jazz version of "The Anvil Chorus" and music from Star Wars

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