Allan Ackerman performs a series of card routines on The Magic Palace. 

His first effect is a variation of the Ultra-Mental Deck performed with a regular deck, based on a version Alex Elmsley's "Brainweave" (Stephen Minch, Collected Works of Alex Elmsley Vol 2) developped by Harry Riser. This is followed by Dai Vernon's "Triumph" (an alternate handling from what appeared in the original Stars of Magic series). 

He follows with a sequence involving four aces beginning with the "Gymnastic Aces" (Paul LePaul, The Card Magic of LePaul). The aces vanish one by one and are then reproduced by cutting to the aces face up in the pack. Using the four aces and the four kings, Allan performs a variation of the "Marlo-Gardner Poker Deal" which combines a mathematical principle with an exhibition of the bottom deal. 

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