My Magic Hands | magic at work

How It Works

Here’s the secret: Knowing is different from doing.

First off, we start with a small group of about twelve to fifteen participants. As each class progresses, participants gradually learn and then assume the role of a magician. They learn how magicians perform “tricks” through careful planning; and that practice is necessary to create an illusion—one where mysterious and magical things happen.

Our course includes magic tricks with cards, ropes, everyday objects, along with special magic “props.” For the first half of the program, we work on imparting secrets of both the magic trick and its successful presentation for the audience. The second half of the program frames the participants with important skills—including scripting and choreography—which are incorporated with the magic trick to ensure success at The Big Show.

The program also “employs” magic coaches—this is the role we assign volunteers of our program. Volunteers are one of the vital secrets of success. 

Participants are also provided with magic kits, affectionately known as “Box of Secrets,” to store all of the materials and information necessary for the program. Each week, the Box of Secrets is filled with new magic tricks and instructions. These magic kits are provided free of charge thanks to Magicana’s donors and sponsors.