My Magic Hands | testimonials

From Our Volunteers

“When I first joined the program I did not know what to expect. But after the completion of this session, I have come to experience senses beyond description. Laughter, mischief, innocence, friendships all became important elements in every session.”

— Annesha Nair, Volunteer
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital


“It was a great program that provided many opportunities to create relationships with the students since there was a big show at the end there was a goal we were working toward that had these opportunities along the way.”

—Student Volunteer, Havergal College

“I really liked the program. I was amazed by the response of my buddy to the program and I think that he enjoyed it as much as I did! I think that I gave my buddy the little bit of help he needed to keep going when he had difficulties with the magic tricks.”

—Student Volunteer, Havergal College


“The magic moment that I remember the most is when my buddy greeted me with a hug and then proceeded to show me the magic tricks he hat been practicing all week showing dedication and perseverance as he struggled with the tricks at first.”

—Student Volunteer, Havergal College


“When my buddy came, he did not really talk, but when he started to learn the magic, sometimes he was he was frustrated, but when he got the tricks not only he was proud of him self, I was proud of him as well ? The payoff seeing them happy makes my day also.”

—Student Volunteer, Havergal College

“The My Magic Hands program is amazing! It was a well organized and innovative way to learn through the exciting art of magic. The supportive team atmosphere brings out each little’s [participant’s] confidence and creativity. I loved how each week’s lessons unfolded smoothly to the next. I also appreciated the invaluable training and support for the bigs including the website and weekly emails from the magicians Julie and James. They were truly inspirational teachers who are dedicated and professional and still give personalized coaching. All of this helped the littles learn to work hard in their performances and to become great presenters.”

—Marlene Ursabia Volunteer (“Big”)
Big Brothers & Big Sisters Toronto