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Getting Results

Hard work pays off when the participants stage and star in their very own Big Show.

The hard work pays off when the children come to the last class. While nerves may be all a flutter, there is also positive energy and excitement which have naturally built up over the previous weeks, the children while worked toward this tangible goal. In our case, The Big Show realizes that goal and marks the completion to the program and it is an acknowledgement to each participant’s journey.

As important as The Big Show is for each group, we are most proud of the intangible benefits that are generated along the way—important ones, like self-esteem and self-confidence. How are these generated? Through customized pedagogical planning, and by taking one step at a time.

The slow and steady path creates a journey. Along the way, the children work in both large and small groups, and consequently establish a mutual empathy for one another. The magic itself also works to the teacher’s advantage since magic tricks provide immediate feedback for each participant’s effort. The trick either works or it doesn’t.

And when it doesn’t work properly, both instructor and coach can zero in on the deficiency, and can correct it, immediately. No big deal, no drama. Adjustments become a common form of feedback and remove participants’ fear of failure. In fact, they experience the clear benefits of learning from mistakes and quickly see that working out the kinks is something one should do in a safe environment (like our classroom), before getting in front of an audience.

The emphasis on preparation—be it scripting, planning or practicing—is constantly reinforced through this form of positive feedback. As a result, the children approach their Big Show with knowledge, some experience and a great magic trick or two!

Best of all, the children enter the class as participants, but leave as magicians.