My Magic Hands | magic at work

Session by Session

The program works on a graduated scale, building from one week to the next – while participants are having fun.

Each session consists of eight 60-minutes classes, once every week, for eight weeks. Each class builds upon the previous one, with all leading toward the final one, The Big Show. 

For the first half of the program, students work on learning the magic tricks, and gain tips and insights to advance toward mastery. We also encourage class presentations, beginning from the first day, to help the children feel and visualize what it is like to present “on stage.” It also builds empathy on both sides of the footlights from knowing what it feels like to be under pressure, up on stage—and also what it feels like to watch the presentations.

The last half of the session focuses on presentation of the magic tricks. Here, we work on writing, scripting, movement, choreography, working with others and, most importantly, presenting to others. These abstract themes and ideas are carefully packaged into manageable child-friendly learning blocks and each theme is both demonstrated and explained by the instructor.

Excitement builds as we commence the final stretch with The Big Show on the horizon. The course becomes even more hands-on as both instructor and magic coaches work toward creating meaningful feedback, support materials (scripts, performance notes) and customizing routines for each participant.

Then, the final class of the session arrives. It’s the day of The Big Show. Our instructor hosts and emcees the show and outlines just how far participants have come and how much work has gone into the Show. Having the instructor as emcee also provides a safety net for new presenters. The emcee can hover out of frame, but close enough for the presenters to know and to feel secure that they are not completely alone.

The event (and the session) concludes with acknowledgement of the participants, now magicians, with the presentation of their certification of completion along with their Boxes of Secrets. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, the Slaight Family Foundation, each participants of My Magic Hands walks away with magic in their hands.

And, that’s what it’s all about… sharing wonder.