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From Our Partners

“I cannot speak highly enough as to how this fun and goal directed program motivates the participants to reach for and even beyond their maximum potential. …clients waled away from the performance with far more than the knowledge of performing magic, but also their magical ability to perform in situations they might otherwise view as impossible.”

—Janet Bernstein, OT Reg (ONT)
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team
Holland Bloorivew Kids Rehab Hospital


“The Magicians impressed the young clients with their talent, humour and the ability to see these young people as individuals whit abilities that can really make magic happen.  During the 6-week program, the young magicians learned between 6 and 10 illusions, of which each client selected one or two to perform at the grand finale magic show held on the 6th week. In each instance, clients amazed their friends and family with their selected illusions and demonstrated confidence, communication, memory, sequencing, planning and organization skills that were not apparent only 6 weeks earlier. The young people were clearly proud of their accomplishments, as were their families and the staff who work with them in their rehabilitation programs.

The Magic Hands program facilitates the development of cognitive, fine motor and communication skills of our clients. The use of magic as a therapeutic modality has proven to be a highly effective tool to facilitate skill development in clientswho have for many months worked tirelessly in more traditional therapy programs. The unique nature of the Magic Hands program brings to our clients the opportunity to learn a new skill, further develop their potential in identified goal areas as well as develop social and communication skills. In some cases the Magic Hands program has given individuals a new leisure interest at a time when many of their pre-injury/illness leisure interests are no longer accessible to them. These benefits are a true testament to the success of Magic Hands.

We are truly grateful to the contribution of Magicana in bringing the Magic Hands program to [Holland] Bloorview and especially for bringing magic, success and achievement to our clients.”

—Salma Kassam, OT Reg(ONT)
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital


“I feel very privileged to have had my group chosen to participate in Magic Hands. The program is very engaging and it permits children to explore their creativity, develop confidence, and build upon oral skills. The program is also very organized and the staff are all extremely  well trained and enthusiastic. This allows the children to become excited about what they are learning. I also liked the one on one assistance that was available for each child. Thanks so much for everything!  …you were always so warm and friendly and I think that made all the difference for the kids.”

Kerry-Anne Chin
Summer Camp Coordinator 
St. Felix Community Centre


“The Magic Hands program teaches more than just magic tricks to children; it teaches them public speaking skills, increases their confidence and creates a common bond among participants. It was evident from the very beginning that the program was well thought out and delivered with sensitivity to the children’s age-specific abilities, thus creating a positive learning experience.

The parents’ response to this program has been very positive as well. Several of the parents have commented on their child’s motivation and dedication to this program and homework they get every week. Furthermore, the magic show was received with much enthusiasm and praise for the young magicians and the Magic Hands facilitators by both parents and staff alike. One parent remarked how proud she was that her son overcame his shyness and stop up on the stage to perform. The child, only a few years ago would not leave his mother’s site.

It is our pleasure to continue working in partnership with Magic Hands, and we look forward to another school year of magic at Harbourfront Community Centre.”

Neda Skific-Lee
Children’s Youth & Adult Program Coordinator
Harbourfront Community Centre